Newborn Care Specialist – Maternity Nurse 

As a Newborn Care Specialist, or Maternity Nurse, I will provide for the basic needs and care for your newborn, nurturing them, interacting with them, and encouraging physical, cognitive, and emotional development. I will live in your house with you for an agreed period of time, usually ranging from 3-12 weeks, or alternatively come daily to your home to support you. I will also offer you knowledge and experience to learn and grow to be the best mom and dad that you can be.

Services may include:
– day and nighttime feeding
– breastfeeding support
– establishing a routine
– changing, bathing and grooming the baby
– infant massage and developmental exercises
– laundry
– meal planning, shopping, cooking and clean up

Newborn Care Specialist or Maternity Nurse Services are charged either at an hourly rate agreed upon when signing a contract. Hourly rates in the USA and UK begin at $30 or £30 per hour respectively with a minimum of 4 hours per booking. Minimum 3 week booking preferred. Serving families in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and the greater Phoenix metro area.

Newborn Care Specialist Consultation – One time home visit for 2-4 hours covering all baby essentials, whether it be your first baby or your fourth baby, and leaving you with the peace of mind that you know what to do. Starting at $300.

Certified Maternity Nurse (Newborn Care Specialist) through MNT Training, UK