Infant Massage Instruction

Infant Massage photoAs an Infant Massage Instructor I will lead you through a set of classes that will teach you a range of basic massage strokes for you to use with your baby. I will also teach you some pre-rolling over, pre-sitting up, and pre-standing exercises to do with your baby. I hope that you and your baby will strengthen your new bond. Infant Massage helps with the early bonding process, and offers benefits for better circulation, body awareness, and relaxation as well as helping to relieve discomfort from colic symptoms, gas, difficulty breathing, asthma, and congestion. Infant Massage Instruction covers communication, interaction, relaxation, movement, touch, and love. Believe in the importance and power of Touch and Love.

Infant Massage Instruction is offered as a group class and for private lessons. These are charged per baby as a full set. Moms, Dads, and other careers are welcome to participate. Rates beginning at $45 per baby for group classes and $75 per baby for a private lesson. Serving families in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and the greater Phoenix metro area.

Certified Infant Massage and Early Bonding Instructor (Student Practitioner)
Cortiva Institute: Massage Therapy Schools
TR Seminars Training